sábado, mayo 5


Las manos perfumadas, Coco&Vainilla en la cara y LINKIN PARK en mi cabeza.

I'm one step closer to the edge, AND I'M ABOUT TO BREAK !


De esas canciones que aparecen en tu cabeza de la nada y “tenés que seguir la letra mentalmente” para descubrir cuál es... ♥

And I was hiding,
'Till you came along
And showed me where I belong

You found me
Where no one else was looking...
How did you know?
How did you know?...

viernes, mayo 4

Star Wars’ Day :)


Cyanide and Happiness



Sólo para entendidos♥ JAJAJAJAJA !

jueves, mayo 3

EnmanijadaMuy con éste tema!

"You oughta know
Tonight is the night to let it go
Put on a show
I wanna see how you lose control

So leave it behind
'cause we have a night to get away
So come on and fly with me
as we make our great escape

So baby, Don't Worry
You are my only
You won't be lonely
Even if the sky falling down

You'll be my only
No need to worry
Baby are you down
down down down down?
(down down)" ♪♫

lunes, abril 30

Colors Don’t Run


“These streets aren't paved with gold,
Don't believe everything that you're told.”

Creation shows me what to do
I'm dancing on the floor with you
And when you touch my hand
I go crazy


The music tells me what to feel
I like you now, but is it real?
By the time we say goodnight
I'll know if this is right

And I feel you
Comin through my veins
Am I into you?
Or is the music to blame?

Who owns my heart?
Is it love?
Or is it art?
’Cause the way you got your body movin'
Got me in confusion
I can't tell if it's the beat or sparks

The room is full but all I see is
The way your eyes just blaze through me
Like fire in the dark
We're like living art

And the hills made
Like a tidal wave
Are you feelin’ me?
Or is the music to blame?


So come on baby
Keep provokin' me
Keep on rubbin' me

Like a rodeo
Baby pull me close
Come on here we go
Here we go
Here we go

And you kiss me
Like a tidal wave
Are you feelin’ me?
Or is the music to blame?


domingo, abril 29

Y nos Escapamos del Mundo un Sábado por la Noche ♥

All that I am
All that I ever was
Is here in your perfect eyes,
They're all I can see
I don't know where
Confused about how, as well
Just know that these things will never change
For us at all


Feliz Día Cane Preto ♥ Por ser la criatura más noble que conozco ;)